New technologies such as Big Data, Augmented Reality, IoT or Industry 4.0 are driving the demand for powerful, scalable and data protection-compliant computing power power. Visitors to the Teaser Trail will be presented with a solution that meets the high demands for security, high availability and performance as well as combines hardware, software, support and maintenance in one system. During their visit, they will get to know the advantages offered by such complete solutions in an introductory way and will experience an exemplary use case from the area of Augmented Reality, which technologies can be implemented with such systems in the area of Industry 4.0.

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Target Groups:

Data center operators, IT managers & professionals from companies, government agencies and research institutions; cloud Operators

Value proposition:

New technologies such as Augmented Reality, Smart Home or Industry 4.0 are leading to an increasing need for scalable computing capacities worldwide. Due to virtual resources that can be booked on demand, the cloud offers numerous advantages with regard to flexibility, costs and availability. Due to still existing reservations towards the cloud, German and European providers, which are subject to the German Data Protection Act or the provisions of the EU Data Protection Ordinance valid from 25 May 2016, should be taken into account when selecting a cloud provider in order to ensure secure processing and storage of security-critical and personal data. In addition to classic public-cloud infrastructure solutions, where virtual computing resources can be booked by cloud providers via the Internet, so-called complete solutions are also possible. Providers of all-in-one solutions offer valuable end-to-end solutions that provide comprehensive support and an application platform tailored to individual requirements in addition to the hardware and software required for operation to users with limited in-house experience in the area of operation and implementation of cloud solutions. In this way, significant increases in efficiency and cost reductions can be achieved at user level. Such solutions are particularly suitable for companies, research institutions and public authorities who are still reluctant to use cloud solutions due to a lack of practical experience or high data protection concerns giving away competitive advantages. The trail presents a possible complete solution, shows the advantages resulting from its implementation and sensitizes visitors to the use of cloud infrastructures in comparison with conventional IT infrastructures.

  • All-in-one packages react quickly and comprehensively to know-how gaps by experienced operators/consultants in the background
  • Short-term availability of productive computing capacity through the use of cloud solutions
  • Virtually unlimited compute capacities with increasing computing power requirements due to scalability in line with demand
  • Cost reduction, efficiency increase
  • Secure data storage and processing due to an infrastructure close to the user
  • Cloud&Heat as an experienced provider of cloud services (since 2013) and operator of its own secure hardware solutions
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as the basis of any cloud installation for demand-oriented management of virtual resources based on OpenStack
  • Fine-granular infrastructure expansion by adding further virtual machines or installing additional servers racks
  • On-demand infrastructure management (no oversizing)
  • In-house hardware on-site and high-performance cloud resources


The teaser trail will take about half a day.


Visitors to the trail get to know the Cloud&Heat “Datacenter in a Box”, a complete solution that is already available on the market for satisfying planned IT infrastructure needs. Not only the hardware will be presented, but also possible application scenarios will be discussed on the software side. It highlights the benefits of using cloud solutions for government agencies, research institutions and companies.
On a concrete use case from the area of Augmented Reality (AR) the visitors of the trail get to know a possible application scenario of such IT infrastructures. AR glasses can be used, for example, to optimize processes in the maintenance and operation of machines by displaying useful additional information and displays to service technicians in action, such as the maintenance of the customer’s infrastructures. In order to apply Augmented Reality in the industry 4.0 context, high-performance computing power is also required – both are presented in the use case.

Current Projects:

  • Cooperation project for the provision of a security hardened cloud solution, in particular for the realization of a secure key management and the protection of multi-client networks in OpenStack.
  • Participation in several research projects on cloud security and latency optimization
  • Involvement in the AUDITOR project for the design and market launch of an EU-wide cloud certification according to EU DSGVO.
  • Development of water-cooled GPU nodes to improve hardware performance and increase energy efficiency

Opportunities for Porjects and Funding Instruments:

Due to their pre-installed software solution and the hardware configuration, complete solutions provide a basis for a wide range of applications – from big data analyses to augmented reality applications. Due to the complexity of possible applications, there are many different possibilities for cooperation with partners (e. g. startups, small to medium-sized companies), which offer prefabricated frameworks for these different application scenarios and enable a quick introduction to the above-mentioned new technologies.

The use of the above-mentioned all-in-one solutions to improve competitive advantages by optimising existing operational processes using modern, IT-supported tools can be financially supported by funding projects, e. g. from SAB (E-Business) or KfW.

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