Smart Maintenance - Consistently integrated


The roadshow trail “Smart Maintenance – consistently integrated” demonstrates Industry 4.0, IoT and VR as a joint project of Elco, 3DIT and SQL Projekt AG. A cooperative engineering solution will be shown, in which data is used multiple times and integrated consistently or forms the basis for automated development processes. This holds an enormous potential for optimization: Most machines and systems do not yet have sufficient connectivity, where IoT solutions (Elco) start to close data gaps. The connection to external systems, e.g. SAP makes planning and order data available at the field level, too (SQL Projekt AG). Innovative concepts for real-time visualization based on 3D data (3DIT) and for real-time interaction based on industrial apps (Elco) also involve people in the factory of the future according to their capabilities.

Target group

This roadshow trail is aimed at engineers and decision makers with responsibility for digitalization projects and for the introduction and expansion of solutions for Industry 4.0. It addresses companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector of any size, but also plant operators who would like to find out about possibilities for optimisation based on innovative digitalization approaches or concretely quantify the optimisation potential.

Trail Partners

ELCO Industry Automation GmbH

Industrial apps enable many new and beneficial use cases within the industry. With its MONKEY WORKS brand, Elco stands for industrial apps – as simple as designing a PowerPoint film. For this purpose, software tools are available that enable the design, provision, distribution and use of industrial apps without the corresponding programming knowledge. Within the Elco Group, these software solutions are combined with in-house IoT hardware in order to be able to offer the customer industrial IoT solutions from a single source – from the sensor to the cloud to people and back.

SQL Projekt AG

SQL Projekt AG is a specialized provider of consulting, development, support and training services in the field of data-driven business applications. The service portfolio is divided into the business areas: Databases, Business Intelligence & Analytics and Business Integration. With more than 25 years of experience in the conception and realization of software solutions, the company is one of the most experienced and renowned companies on the market. The goal is to support medium-sized and large companies with expert advice, a wide range of product solutions and accompanying services.

3D Interaction Technologies GmbH

As a specialist for generally comprehensible representation, especially for the representation of technologies requiring explanation, 3DIT sets new standards in 3D real-time visualization. As a first step, they visualize a product, project or process system in the form of an interactive 3D model, regardless of whether it is a question of structure, functionality or variant diversity. In a second step, they enrich this interactive 3D model with almost any information such as prices, data, etc. via interfaces.


The trail includes a tour of the partner’s demonstrators. Accompanying lectures will shed light on the various facets of the design and implementation of new use cases for industry. A discussion forum rounds off the programme by encouraging participants to reflect and giving them concrete ideas.

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